Sunday, July 19, 2015

We had a great show on Friday! A special thank you to our guest Jeff Black. Mr. Black provided a Golden Folk Performance which was no surprise to Jill and Jules. We always love it when Jeff performs on the show!

Jeff Black is an American singer-songwriter originally from Kansas City, Missouri and now based in Nashville, Tennessee. His writings have been described in the Allmusic as "impressionistic songs that are smart without forgetting the emotional undercurrent."[1] His songs have been covered by Waylon Jennings, Sam Bush and BlackHawk. BlackHawk's cover of Black's song, "That's Just About Right," was a Top 10 Country single in 1994. Since then Black has released four of his own albums and tours widely. He also maintains his own free weekly podcast, Black Tuesdays.[2]

I'm still learning the basics and behind scenes of operating a radio board. I was nervous this show since we had a live performer. The sound control seemed to be a little touchy compared to a regular show. Maybe it was just my nervousness getting in the way. Hopefully there will be many more live performances to come so that I can get a feel for them. 

Lining up some great guests for our next show. Don't forget our day and time is changing to third Thursdays @ 12 p.m.
Turn your radio on....

With all good wishes,

Jill McDowell Lincoln